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Staff & Acknowledgements

Project Co-Directors: Linda Giannarelli and Elaine Maag

Lead Application Developer: Joyce Morton

Web and Application Developer: Kara Harkins

System Architecture and Other System Programming: Jessica Kelly, and Silke Taylor

Tax Modeling: Elaine Maag and Laura Wheaton

Benefit Program Modeling: Linda Giannarelli, Laura Wheaton, Paul Johnson, and Sarah Minton

Medicaid and CHIP modeling: Paul Johnson, Jenny Haley, and Victoria Lynch

Calculator Concept and Design: Linda Giannarelli, Gregory Acs, and Gretchen Rowe

Special thanks to Kim Rueben, Margaret Simms, and Sheila Zedlewski for championing this effort and for their thoughtful guidance. Thanks also to C. Eugene Steuerle for his foundational work in this area and his continued support. We thank Dana Campbell for her design help.

Many thanks to Katie Beckman, Conor Boyle, Caroline Danielson, Gene Falk, Liz Schott, Arloc Sherman, and Tess Thorman for their review and comments. Any errors that remain are our own.